Now that summer is nearing to an end and fall is approaching us (except not in LA, as there really is only one season here: the season of sun), we can begin to ponder: what to buy, what to wear, and who to hate (Courtney Stodden). Booyah. Recently, my heart has coveted all things badass. But by badass I really mean, chains: big chains, small chains, short chains, long chains, thick chains (you get it).

Why? Because nothing is more provocative than adorning oneself in something that legitimately could be categorized under: body armor. So, when is it appropriate to chain? It is always appropriate to chain. But before beginning the process of ‘chaining’ we need to get some points in to clarify chaining the right way VS chaining the wrong way. Picking the right kind of chain is essential – one does not want to look like Marilyn Manson’s sister.

Delicate chains are your safest (or easiest) pick, the more delicate the chain the more you can wear. The thicker the chain, the less you should wear. Make sense? I always like to, however, take this suggestion with a grain of salt. Some of us (myself included) are devotees to bracelet-and-necklace-stacking. When it comes to jewelry, I prefer to mix larger chains with more delicate ones. Or, in the words of trail mix (aka completely made up by myself): mix that shit up.

Get these pieces here (left-to-right-to-left-then-right-again): Gold chunky chain bracelet by Michael Kors, nude iphone case by Stella McCartney, Prada chain link sandals (on sale BTW), Stella McCartney Falabella bag in black, nude Isabel Marant rio chain-strap sandals, black chain belt by DVF, Lanvin gold tassel necklace, Stella McCartney Falabella tote,  McQ Alexander McQueen ankle boots and scarf, Michael Kors ring and last but not least gold-plated necklace by Aurélie Bidermann.