Yesterday was my last day interning at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, so today I have allowed myself to move three times: from my bed to my couch, from my couch to the bathroom (when a girls gotta go…you know the rest), then a quick pit stop to the kitchen, where I grabbed a bag of pistachios, and now I’m back where I started. Her name (my couch) is Soothie, by the way: because she soothes me (ha-ha-ha) – ok, enough.

Today, we’re talking headwear. Hats people, hats. I have always been that person who buys a hat but never (ever) wears the hat. Hats are an inconvenience; expensive hats are an even bigger inconvenience. Countless of times, in the past, (never anymore, N-E-V-E-R anymore) I chose to wear a hat and then only on my return home will I realize, ‘wait, where the crème de la crème is my hat?’ Seriously, where do my hats go? What’s worse than having your hat burgled by hat-burglars (who, by the way, exist predominantly at night clubs) are the hat-burglars that only want to borrow – like they don’t have the balls to follow through.

To my hat-burglars: once you have taken my hat and put it on your own head, I do not want it back. Let me repeat myself: I-do-not-want-it-back. Don’t attempt to reposition it back on my head, no – don’t do that. It has touched your scalp and thus no longer has any use to me. In dedication to Marilyn, here is a photograph I have personally created to all you hat-burglars out there.

Lets move on as I am not one to let a few negative experiences forever pollute my stance on anything – even this one. So, we’re all going to give hats another go. Which hat, you ask? THIS hat. But WAIT, before you freak out about the choice of hat let me explain why I have chosen to use this flat cap and not one of a more common caliber, like a fedora: because everyone knows how to wear a fedora. Google it, magazine it, look out your window – fedoras are everywhere. This, however, is not. Give it a chance people. Let me show you how crème de la cool this flat cap really is. Here are two outfits I’ve compiled together using Faith Connexion’s denim flat cap.


(this is mad hatter cool and there is nothing cooler than mad hatter cool)

For the first outfit: the striped top is MiH Jeans, Jason Wu’s leather pencil skirt, ‘C’ brooch by Markus Lupfer and shoes by Altuzarra. The necklace and bracelets are all Dannijo (they can do no wrong). Now to the second outfit: Acne’s parker silk shirt (roll up the sleeves), bad-ass-crocodile-print Roberto Cavalli skirt, Giuseppe Zanotti leather booties and the clutch is Jil Sander’s leather lunch bag (which is currently sold out everywhere – I know…I know). Again, all bracelets are Dannijo – sue me.

Stay mad people, mad as a mother-phuckin-hatter.